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Our Quality: We’re Committed to Excellence in Cleaning!

Cleaning is our core business and we hold ourselves to standards of excellence. We do everything possible to ensure that you never need to worry about any aspect of your building’s cleanliness. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients stay with us for years, and the builders we work with call us for their final clean—time and again. For us, that's the strongest evidence of the value of our work. Our clients value our consistency, responsiveness, and the peace of mind that comes from our high standards of cleanliness.

Systems, Processes, Training & Checklists!

How can we guarantee such consistency? When we first start working at a site, all our staff members undergo a rigorous training and supervision process to ensure that they understand every procedure that needs to be followed.

Everything is documented in our contracts, and every procedure for each area of the facility is described and documented thoroughly for our staff. In some cases, regular training and supervision might take 2 to 3 weeks, after which the team is thoroughly familiar with all that needs to be done. But we still don't rely on memory; we use checklists, monitor work, and conduct internal audits to ensure that we’re following the scope of the work.

Responsive Service

You are our client, and our goal is to satisfy your needs. Sometimes, things do go wrong, and we will take prompt and decisive action to resolve your problems. Our clients have access to a 24-hour emergency line so that they can contact us in an emergency.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Procedures

We use the latest processes, equipment and materials to ensure that we clean your facility thoroughly and efficiently. Call BCBM today for a free site inspection and quote and ensure the quality of service for your building!

Every Business Owner and Manager Knows…

You need an effective, professional commercial cleaning service for your company.

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