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Tile Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Floor Waxing: Edmonton & Lloydminster

Your floors and carpets take a beating from high heels, oily boots, dirt, shopping carts and more. These can leave dirty residue or even lasting damage in the form of scratches and scuffs. Here at Border City Building Maintenance Ltd., we provide high-quality floor waxing for Edmonton and Lloydminster clients. We can protect your floors from damage and make them shine like new. For standard day-to-day maintenance, we also offer floor cleaning. We also do window cleaning, providing the complete cleaning solution for your facility. Clean floors, tiles and windows are important when attempting to portray an image of professionalism and maturity to your employees and clients.

Floor Cleaning

We understand that some business owners do not have the time to properly clean the floors of their own office and may want to consider hiring a professional agency to perform the task. While our cleaning company can achieve results with regularly scheduled visits, even just one appointment can offer a significant improvement. At BCBM, we have the experience to properly clean your floor. We have a variety of equipment to complete this task, and we know by looking at your floors what exactly is the best method for us achieve outstanding results for you.

Floor Waxing

All floors must be treated differently during waxing. We use the right chemicals to remove your old finish and proceed with the new product. At BCBM, we like to evaluate every customer differently when dealing with wax. The reason for this is that all buildings have a different type of clients that enter their establishment; all floors take a different beating, some more than others, and by seeing this we can make our recommendations for what process will suit you best. How often the floors need to be re-waxed and how often you would like to maintain that consistent shine are questions to that we ask in order to protect your floors. Floor waxing can prevent damage and allow you to avoid expensive repairs down the road.

We will perform the stripping, sealing and waxing of your floors, but we won’t stop there. We will also assist you to maintain your floors and keep them looking like new. We do this so you can get the most out of a freshly waxed floor before it is necessary to redo this process. In order to save you time, we are able to prepare large areas of floor space for waxing. We are able to perform waxing after hours in the evenings, on weekends and on holidays in order to avoid disturbing your business.

Window Cleaning

There is no excuse for having dirty windows, and customers will not have a forgiving attitude. Dirty windows create an unprofessional atmosphere and give the message that the company is not concerned with how they present themselves to clients. By choosing window cleaning from BCBM, you can make certain that your windows will be an asset to your business and not a deterrent. Whether looking for cleaning options for stores, hospitals, or schools, you will find that BCBM provides the most efficient results.

We have the most advanced equipment for completing these tasks, and we use environmentally friendly products. Our staff members are properly trained in diverse methods of window cleaning, including the regular squeegee method, the deionized method, and using microfibre cloths.

Tile Cleaning

Do you have rooms with dirty tiles and stained grout? Do you wonder how to get the walls and floors sparkling clean? Whether you want to clean your home tiles (in the bathroom, kitchen or living room) or your business tiles (in the lobby, walkway or other commercial space), BCBM's tile and grout cleaning service can help you out.

Tiles are often laid in high traffic areas or wet areas. As such, they often get very heavy use. Regular mopping and cleaning will help to remove some of the surface dirt from your tiles, but heavy-use areas will need a deeper clean to keep the tiles and grout looking fresh.

Whether you are a residential customer or large business operator, BCBM's tile cleaning service will help you keep your busy areas clean and bright. We clean a wide range of different tile materials including the following:


You will notice the difference when our expert cleaners come to your premises and take on the job. You will be impressed with the removal of ingrained dirt and grime that we can lift away. The original tile colours will come back to life.

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is also an essential part of any tile cleaning job. Not only is the grout highly visible in large areas, it can also be home to a number of unhealthy germs and built-up grime over time. Tackling grout cleaning alone can be a very daunting task. Careful scrubbing will get some of it clean, but the task can seem insurmountable in large areas.

Instead, you can simply call BCBM to ensure an expert grout cleaning service in all your tiled areas. As part of our overall cleaning service, we also recommend sealing your tiles and grout. This not only protects your tiles and preserves their appearance, it also makes your day-to-day cleaning so much easier.

Contact Us for Efficient, Eco-Friendly Service

Whether you need floor cleaning, floor waxing, window cleaning or other services, we will ensure the job is completed efficiently and in an eco-friendly manner. Contact us today!

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