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For Post-Construction Cleanup, Rely on Our Janitors in Edmonton

Your building construction is completed and the inspection is coming up for the turnkey process. The only item left on your checklist is the final cleaning! This is an important final stage. Handing over a property that was cleaned properly can make the difference between a fully satisfied client and an unhappy one. For your next construction project, hire Border City Building Maintenance Ltd. for the post-construction cleanup in Edmonton, Lloydminster and surrounding areas. We have a complete process for this kind of job. We ensure we remove every speck of debris, so your building is thoroughly cleaned and ready to use.

Our goal is to use make sure your building is cleaned to the highest standards, and we have all the equipment necessary to get this done. We guarantee to get the cleaning done ahead of schedule—that way your builders will have a chance to do any last-minute touch-ups they may notice after the post-construction cleaning is completed.

Our Janitorial Services

By keeping your building clean and sanitized properly, we are making a productive and safe workplace. You need a professional janitor in the Edmonton area who can help to ensure that your property remains clean and sanitary. We serve Alberta and Saskatchewan. Keep your facility clean, your employees healthy, and your clients impressed at your professionalism! When you work with Border City Building Maintenance Ltd., we’ll get the job done right the first time, so you won’t need us to come back later to perform touch-ups. We’ll provide the right staff to clean your auto body shop, school, fitness centre, office space, retail space or medical facility.

Not all janitor service providers are the same, as some only deal with the basic needs like garbage removal, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors and dusting. At BCBM, we cover the basics, but we also offer a lot more, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, vent cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and sanitizing. Our staff is fully trained to the highest standards, and we have the experience to be thorough when cleaning your premises. We perform regular quality assurance checks to ensure that our staff performs its job properly each time.

Every Business Owner and Manager Knows…

You need an effective, professional commercial cleaning service for your company.

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